Chris Cano I am a passionate entrepreneur working to make positive change through socially-rooted business models.

At my core, I am a free-spirit type who’d rather go hungry than work for The Man. More importantly, I feel deeply that life is too short to not be constantly creating meaning; constantly being true.

In 2011 I began to build the first bicycle-powered community composting company, Gainesville Compost, a business model that continues to be replicated in other cities across America.

I ignored everybody — including myself — when they said it was not possible, and did it anyway. I still doubt it, and do it anyway, because I want it.

Today I also work with Steven Kanner to promote pedal power by building and marketing bicycle trailers at Kanner Karts.

I graduated from the University of Florida in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sustainability Studies, but whatever. My real classroom has been the world wide web.

My latest venture is a video storytelling mission called Betterme Productions.