My Goal in May: A Blog Post a Day & Put Facebook Away

I have felt lately
a frustration
beyond the norm.

Maybe I could point
to people or events,
but the truth is
the external circumstances don’t matter,
because they are only excuses
for what I lack internally.

Hemingway on writing

Put simply,
what I need
is to figure my shit out.

I am 25,
with a seedling of a business
that is a reflection of
my passions
and my inadequacies.
My business
*deep breath*
is the ride of my life.

I am proud of what I’ve done,
but I feel an increasing angst
over not being where I want to be.

Take this not as a cry for help,
but as a statement of intent.

I will take a month off of Facebook
not for the first time
and I will spend more time in my personal space (on this blog).

I will maintain my social life,
but put personal interaction
above the compulsive voyeurism
of social media life.

More importantly,
I will nurture this writing habit,
to get my gears moving each day,
and to fulfill my insatiable desire
to create,
and to express,
in a more meaningful way.

It is time
to carry out my mission
with more stamina and focus.

Time and Potential
are not things to be wasted.


  • I will still share my posts on Facebook by clicking a Share link that does not direct me to my News Feed or my Timeline.
  • I will bookmark my business Pages and update those only.
  • I will NOT check my personal notifications, messages, friend requests, or News Feed.
  • I set no guidelines for the length or content of each blog post. All that matters is that I write something and hit Publish each day.
  • Between May 9th to the 13th, I will be out of the country, so my updates depend on whether I have Internet access on those days.

You can always contact me here.