Prolific Facebooker

The other day I ran into a business acquaintance while out for drinks and he mentioned to me, “Dude, you are a prolific Facebooker! I see your updates ALL the time.”

My response was a mixture of shame (man, I yap too much) and pride (I just love to connect with my people!)

Thing is, it’s hard to fully take pride in Facebooking. More than anything, the updates are random and impulsive; snippets of my life, but not the story of my life. To Facebook (the verb) is not much of an art form or craft. It is a revelation of your stream of consciousness, a window into your brain, maybe. But it is not your work.

Sometimes you share your joy; other times you share your struggle. There is a humanity in that, no doubt. That is what makes Facebook a valuable social tool. It provides a glimpse of who people are (or at least who they might be) and facilitates knowing them in person.

I also have business clients or customers that are Facebook friends, and I feel it makes for a stronger relationship. I am not just a salesman, I am a person, and you can see that for yourself by observing me on Facebook. I can see that about you, too.

But let me not be fooled into thinking that to Facebook something is to create something. No matter how artfully I worded that 150-word status.

It is not enough to be a prolific Facebooker.

I would like to be a prolific writer. A prolific developer. A prolific entrepreneur.

Do your work elsewhere. Develop your properties. And share them on Facebook. But your Facebook itself is not the work.

I am taking a break from Facebook and writing a blog post a day. I will share these posts daily on Facebook via a Share link, but I won’t be checking notifications, messages, my News Feed, or Timeline. You can contact me here.