If Gainesville were a pastry, it’d be a turnover.

People are in and out in cycles from season to season ceaselessly.

Every now and then I reminisce: “What was my life like a year ago?”

A distant image.

Every year a new experience.

Every year a new set of friends and acquaintances.

(And yet another notch on the belt of faraway friends.)

I’ve lived here almost 7 years.

I remember the first few the nerve-racking feeling when graduation approached and friends would plan to move.

From the trials of transience comes a strength of spirit.

Every year an opportunity for renewal and proof of your resilience.

Every year everything is different and yet, somehow, you are the same.

Somehow, still, you’re okay.

Within you there is a constant, a stability somewhere that is undeterred by a changing world.

Find it and find your freedom.